Diana Marsá is a professional showjumping rider born in Madrid back in 1989. She started riding at the age of 4 and she has achieved several major results since then, such as winning numerous GP’s as well as the University World Championships of Aachen 2012.

Diana devotes her life to trading and competing sport horses and she has been training and working with big names in the sport such as Cameron Hanley, Michael Whitaker or Felipe Guinato.

Together with her family they are also into breeding sport horses and most of the talented youngsters that Diana rides are home bred products with fantastic abilities for the sport, all born out of the already retired top mares that she used to compete in the highest level.



5º CSI4* 1.50 Sunshine Tour

1º CSI4* 1.45 Sunshine Tour

3º CSI2* 1.45 Mediterranean Equestrian Tour

3º GP 1.50 CSI3* Sommested, Denmark

5º Nations Cup Drammen, Norway

7º CSI3* 1.45 Donaueschingen, Germany

7º CSI4* 1.45 La Coruña, Spain

7º GP CSI2* 1.50 Riesenbeck, Germany

4º GP CSI2* 1.45 Verden, Germany

1º CSI2* Casas Novas, Spain

1º CSI2* Madrid Horse Week, Spain

1º 1.45 CSIO3* Lisbon, Portugal

1º GP CSI2* San Sebastián, Spain

3º GP CSI2* Santander, Spain

1º GP CSI2* Global Champions Tour Valencia

2º GP CSI2* Global Champions Tour Oliva

1º Wolrd University Championships Aachen, Germany